Salmon Creek Nike Cup

Tournament Rules

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Salmon Creek Nike Cup Tournament Rules

Tournament Headquarters
Tournament Headquarters will be at TBD. Team check-in will be at TBD and other locations as designated. The Tournament Coordinator is Michelle Baldwin, 503-780-2689. The Tournament Director is Joe Frimpong & Tina Ellertson.

Team Check-in
Every team must check in at Tournament Headquarters a minimum of two hours prior to their first game. If you have an early Friday game (before noon) you will need to check-in on Thursday. Teams must bring seven TYPED copies of the official tournament team roster to team check-in.

Every player, coach, and manager on the team must be registered with the same national soccer association, AYSO, USYSA, US Club, etc. NO EXCEPTIONS! Every player/person listed on the tournament roster must be properly registered and in good standing with their state/national association. For documenting this at team check-in, we will accept the following:

  • Player cards issued by their state or national association. We do not require photos or laminating.
  • Official roster issued by their state or national association. Player names, birthdates and ID numbers (if they assign these) must be included. Coach & manager names and ID numbers (if they assign these) must be included (do not need birthdays). Handwritten names on this roster will NOT be allowed unless you have a valid player card from the same issuing association for that player at the time of check-in. Rosters typed by club reps, coaches, or managers are not 'official rosters' for the purposes of checking in the team and will not be accepted.
    • If using an officially issued roster as indicated above instead of the player cards, then the team MUST also have a copy of the 'Certified Roster Form' completed by the club registrar and attached. This form is available on the tournament website or you can contact us.

We expect each team to make sure they are abiding by the rules set forth by their club and association as to which cards are used for participating in a tournament. It is the team's responsibility to confirm every player, coach, and manager listed on the roster is allowed to participate with the team and that they are fully insured (medical and liability) by their respective national associations. It is the team's or club's responsibility to confirm the medical and liability insurance is not adversely affected by the guest players participating with the team for the tournament. It is the club's responsibility to confirm that all adults listed on the roster have completed their background check process and are eligible to coach/manage the team.

Teams will need to check with their respective state governing body for the status of travel papers and other requirements that are necessary when traveling outside of their home state. International teams must bring approved travel papers from their national association and either individual player passes or passports for every Coach/Player on the official tournament roster. Once teams have completed the Team Check-in procedure prior to their first game, they do not need to check in prior to their subsequent games. We do not require notarized medical releases for players.

Player Cards
EVERY person listed on the roster (player, manager, coach or assistant coach) must be properly registered with one of the national soccer associations (AYSO, US Club, or USYSA). Everyone listed on the roster must be in good standing and adults must have completed their background check process and be authorized to coach by the national association issuing their player cards. We will accept the valid 2019/2020 player cards as well as valid 2018/2019 player cards. Lamination of the player cards and player/coach photos are NOT required for the tournament.

Roster Size & Guest Players
The U10 teams will play 7v7 and may roster a maximum of fifteen players. The U11 and U12 teams will play 9v9 and may roster a maximum of eighteen players. The U13-U19 teams will play 11v11 and may roster a maximum of twenty-two players. All teams may have up to six guest players. (A guest player is a "registered player participating in a competition for a team to which the player is not on the regular roster for purposes of league play".) No more than eighteen players can be on the match roster to play in a particular game so you must cross off any players above the eighteen that might be listed on the approved roster prior to the start of any single game. All eighteen active players may be on the team's sideline during the game for all age groups. Any crossed off players may sit with the team if not dressed to play and with the approval of the referee.

Free substitution will be allowed for all age groups, with the referee's permission, any time play has stopped. A referee may deny a substitution request if the referee considers it to be an intentional plan to disrupt the play, or an attempt to run off an excessive amount of time.

Minimum Number of Players
Teams playing 7v7 must have a minimum of five players and one adult who is listed on the roster to participate in a match. Teams playing 9v9 must have a minimum of six players and one adult who is listed on the roster to participate in a match. Teams playing 11v11 must have a minimum of seven players and one adult who is listed on the roster to participate in a match. In the event a team does not have the required participants, the site coordinator shall be notified and they will communicate with the Tournament Director/Coordinator to obtain instructions on how to proceed. Depending on the decision made, the halves may be shortened to ensure the match terminates at least five minutes before the next match. In no case shall the referee make the decision to resolve the problem; that is solely at the discretion of the Tournament Director/Coordinator. There are no time restrictions that the referee can impose for the short-handed team to field the required minimum participants. A team that forfeits a game will advance to the medal round if they would otherwise qualify.

Team Sidelines
Players and Coaches must be on one side of the field, spectators on the other side. Coaches, players, and spectators are not allowed behind the end-line for any reason. Only those with a valid player card and listed on the approved tournament roster may be on the team's side of the field.

Player Ages
Age groups in this tournament will be based on the calendar year of birth of the oldest player on the team in conformance with US Soccer's birth year registration initiative. A team will be eligible for an age group if every player on the team was born on or after January 1 of the year as shown in the chart below. No overage players are allowed on any team. A player may not play on more than one team during the tournament, regardless of the age groups &/or gender.

U10 = Born in 2010
U11 = Born in 2009
U12 = Born in 2008
U13 = Born in 2007
U14 = Born in 2006
U15 = Born in 2005
U16 = Born in 2004
U17 = Born in 2003
U18 = Born in 2002
U19 = Born in 2001

Tournament Format and Brackets
Teams within each Division will be placed in three, four or five team brackets and play a preliminary schedule. We will accept a maximum of sixteen teams for any Division. EVERY team will have a minimum of three games. Home and visiting team designations will appear on the schedules.

Game Start Times
Referees will start the game clock at the designated time regardless of whether teams are ready to play. That being said, if a team is late, the Tournament Director/Coordinator may choose to delay the start of the game (and the possible restart of the game clock) so they are able to get to the field. A referee may add time lost due to injury or in the event of perceived time wasting. The Tournament Director/Coordinator may allow the start time to be delayed for teams that do not have either the minimum number of players or an adult that is listed on the roster. In situations where the start time has been delayed, the Tournament Director/Coordinator shall determine the length of the halves. Regardless of the reasons the game clock is adjusted, the game must conclude at least five minutes prior to the start of the next match.

Shortened/Abandoned Games
Referees are the sole arbiter of the game clock and their decisions regarding game length are final and may not be appealed. If games are shortened or abandoned for any reason, the Tournament Director/Coordinator reserves the right to determine how the game result shall be determined. Decisions by the Tournament Director/Coordinator in determining the official game result are final and may not be appealed. No refunds are issued due to games being shortened or abandoned.

Length of Games, Overtime
U10: 25-minute halves
U11, U12: 30-minute halves
U13-U19: 30-minute halves

All games will have a 5-minute half-time.

If Quarterfinal or Semifinal games are tied at the end of regulation time, the game will go to FIFA kicks from the penalty mark. Only players on the field at the end of the game may participate in the kicks from the penalty marks.

If a championship game is tied at the end of regulation time, two overtime periods of five minutes each shall be played to conclusion. If the game is still tied after the second period of overtime, the game will go to FIFA kicks from the penalty mark. Only players on the field at the end of the game may participate in the kicks from the penalty mark.

Game Balls
U10: Size 4 ball
U11, U12: Size 4 ball
U13-U19: Size 5 ball

Each game will be provided with a single Nike ball and it will be supplied by Nike and Salmon Creek Soccer Club and will be brought to each game by the referees. If teams/players choose to use their own balls in addition to the provided game ball, they do so at their own risk. The tournament is not responsible for lost or stolen balls.

Jersey Colors
Each team must have an alternate jersey color (or pennies of a different color). The home team (listed first) will be responsible for changing jerseys if there is a color conflict. Pennies are allowed for all 7v7 and 9v9 teams and all teams that regularly play in recreational leagues. Numbers are NOT required on jerseys for teams playing 7v7 and 9v9. We realize that summer tournament teams often borrow players. We discourage having duplicate jersey numbers on the same team but understand this may happen. There is no penalty in these situations.

Player's Equipment
Hard and unyielding items (guards, casts, braces, etc.) on the hand, wrist, elbow, upper arm or shoulder must be covered and must be padded with a closed-cell slow-recovery foam padding that is no less than one-half inch thick. In addition, if the referee at any particular game determines that the player is (a) using the cast as a "weapon" (that is, using it to gain an unfair advantage or using it as a striking device) OR (b) if the player appears to be significantly unbalanced due to the weight of the cast, the referee shall determine the player to be ineligible to participate further. All equipment is subject to approval by the match referee.

Shin guards, covered by socks, are mandatory.

No jewelry of any kind (earrings, nose rings, body rings, bracelets, necklaces) is permitted. Taping of jewelry is not permitted. Medical bracelets are not considered 'jewelry' and are allowed, but must be taped.

SPECIAL Modifications for Small-Sided Games
No intentional headers at U10-U12. If an intentional header occurs, the referee will stop play and award an indirect free kick to the opponent at the location of where the header occurred.

Cautions and Send-Offs/Dismissals
Any player who is sent off (either a "straight red card" or two cautions/yellow cards in a single game) may not be replaced. Any player who is sent off or any coach who is dismissed will receive at minimum a one-game suspension (the next game). In addition, any player sent off for violent conduct will receive a minimum two-game suspension. The Tournament Director (or designee) may impose a larger number of suspensions.

Any coach or team official who is dismissed from a game must immediately leave the game site so as not to be within sight or sound of the field, including the use of electronic communication (e.g., cell phone). In the event the coach or team official refuses to leave, the match will be terminated and the referee will submit a report to the Tournament Director (or designee) who will declare a forfeit by the offending team. Players who are sent off from a match may remain on the team sideline. The coach is subsequently responsible for that sent-off player and his/her actions. Should that player fail to behave in a responsible manner, then those actions shall be deemed as having originated from the coach who will be held responsible for them, which may result in the coach's dismissal from the game and the game venue.

Concussion Situations:
A player who demonstrates signs of concussion as a result of an observed or suspected blow to the head or body must leave the field and may not return to play in that match. Referees will include in their match report information about any player required to leave the field because of a suspected concussion. A player who has been removed from a game by a referee because of a suspected concussion is ineligible to play until the league Director has received a copy of a medical release signed by a health care professional that authorizes an unrestricted return to competition.

Scoring Method
Scoring during the tournament will be based on the following system (maximum of 10 points per game):

Win....................................... 6 points
Tie......................................... 3 points
Loss...................................... 0 points
Shut-out............................... 1 point
Goals.................................... 1 point for each goal up to 3 maximum

Tie Breakers
If two teams are tied in points after the preliminary round, the following tiebreakers will be used.

  1. Head to Head Results
  2. Goal Differential. Maximum difference allowed is four per game
  3. Least Number of Goals Allowed
  4. Coin Flip (performed by Tournament Director or designee)

If three or more teams are tied after the preliminary round, the tiebreaker criteria listed will be used in the order shown, beginning with criteria #1, to first eliminate, or second, advance one of the three teams. The remaining teams will then be compared, beginning again with criteria #1.

Official's Report
Coaches should verify with the referee at the game's conclusion that their score matches his report. All game results will be called into tournament headquarters by the field marshal immediately following each match. In the event of a conflict, the referee report shall be deemed the official score for the game.

Appeals & Protests
Referee judgment decisions are final and may not be appealed. Any other appeal/protest must be verbally lodged with the referee and the opposing coach at the game site. The appeal must then be made in writing to the Tournament Director/Coordinator within two hours of the end of the match. There will be a $150 non-refundable fee for any appeal that is filed. The Tournament Director/Coordinator will review any appeal correctly filed under this rule. All decisions of the Tournament Director/Coordinator are final.

NO refunds are issued for games canceled due to weather, an opponent not showing up, shortened or abandoned, or acts beyond our control. If a team is not scheduled for three games, a 20% refund of the registration fee paid by a team will be refunded to them. Should the Tournament Director/Coordinator be required to cancel scheduled matches for a reason other than those already listed, a 15% refund of the registration fee paid by a team will be refunded to them. Teams that withdraw from the tournament prior to the date registration closes will receive a full refund. Teams that withdraw from the tournament after schedules have been written will not receive a refund.

Medical Trainer and Injuries
Trainers are not provided at any game locations. Teams are encouraged to bring all of their own first aid equipment as the tournament does not have those items, and this includes ice. Emergency services (911) are to be called for all injuries, both on and off the field.

Referee Abuse
Any person who assaults a referee will be banned from further participation in the tournament. If the assault is committed by a player, coach, or other team officials, the team with which that person is associated will be removed from the tournament and will forfeit all tournament games.

Information regarding the assault will be forwarded to the home state association or national organization with which the individual is associated for further action as required by the US Soccer Federation.

Venue Rules
Rules governing game venues are posted at various locations. All teams, coaches and spectators are expected to follow all posted venue rules. However, dogs, smoking, alcohol, and swearing are not permitted at any location. Violators of these rules will be asked to leave the venue. Any team bringing a dog to the venues will result in the team forfeiting the game.

Weather Guidelines
Any changes in game times due to excessively high temperatures will be announced on the website and approved by the Tournament Director/Coordinator. ALL referees will follow any changes to the game times or allow for water breaks as announced. Coaches can always substitute players in order to provide additional water breaks as deemed necessary. If excessive heat is forecasted, it is recommended that players start drinking extra liquids a minimum of 48 hours before their first match.

In the event that play cannot be started or is stopped due to thunder/lightning, teams will take cover, but will remain at the game site and proceed as follows:

If you see the lightning and thunder occurs within thirty seconds that means the lightning is considered to be within striking distance. At that point, the match is suspended for thirty minutes. If another lightning flash/thunderclap occurs and it meets the criteria already stated then the thirty-minute clock is reset and the waiting continues.

Once the thirty-minute wait-period has been served games will continue as follows:

  1. If time allows, resume play and play to completion
  2. If there is insufficient time to play the entire game, the game will be continued until the half is completed. The game will then be considered complete.

The Tournament Director/Coordinator will coordinate stoppage of play. The Tournament Director/Coordinator reserves the right to make whatever adjustments may be necessary in game length to proceed with the schedule following delays due to inclement weather, including shortening subsequent games as necessary to complete the schedule. No refunds are issued as a result of weather delays or due to cancellations as a result of rain/weather and loss of fields due to acts beyond our control.